Auto-Regressive Filter benchmark

ARF is a digital implementation of an auto-regressive lattice filter. The benchmark consists of 16 multiplication and 12 addition operations. The ARF benchmark operates in a loop. This feature is exploited by exercising the simulation as closed loop system.

Derived from:

N. Mukherjee, "Built-in in Self-Test for Functional Blocks in Data-Path Architectures", PhD thesis, McGill University, Montreal, 1996.

where it is referred to:

R. Jain, "High-Level Area-Delay Prediction with Application to Behavioral Synthesis", PhD thesis, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Usa, 1989.

This directory includes a simple example of RTL synthesis and simulation of the ARF benchmark.

Bambu HLS generates several dot files by passing the option --print-dot; in this case you may pass the option to the script as --c=--print-dot. The scheduling of the arf function is stored in file HLS_output/dot/arf/ while the FSM of the arf function annotated with the C statements is stored in file HLS_output/dot/arf/

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